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KMUTT Knowledge Exchange for Innovation Center (KX) is located near BTS Wong Wian Yai Station, which allow access to the greater Bangkok, with many tourist attractions and shopping areas of various price ranges. However, KX is also situated near many cultural-rich attractions.

Kudichin Community is among good examples. Baan Kudichin Museum, housed in an old catholic family house, exhibits the heritage of an old Portuguese-Thai community that dates back over 200 years ago. There are also many religious buildings such as Santa Cruz Church, Wat Kalayanamit, Wat Prayurawongsawas Warawihan, and Kian Un Keng Shrine. Apart from tourist attractions, Portuguese-Thai traditional food also draw attention of many tourists.

There are also several temples along Chaophraya River. Some of the major temples on Thonburi side are Wat Thong Thammachat and Wat ThongNoppakhun.

There are also places for people who enjoy shopping and dining. Khlongsan Plaza is a very lively market that also serve as a pier. From this pier, visitors can take boats to River City, Talad Noi or Chinatown. Tha Din-Daeng Market is another popular place that serve as a pier to Chinatown and the large wholesales market, Sampeng. Tha Din Daeng Market is swell known for many good local food.

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